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A job isn’t just a way to make money, it’s an opportunity to build skills and purpose. The quality of our jobs determines how much time and energy we have to spend on our families, to pursue our passions, and give back to our neighborhoods. We know that well-supported employees mean more successful businesses, a stronger local economy, and healthier communities.

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Rob Minnick, Minnick's Home Improvement

Management at Minnick’s sets high expectations, but takes a collaborative approach to give their employees the tools they need to succeed. Every member of the team is expected to take accountability for meeting their goals, take initiative in problem solving, and help one another provide the best quality services for customers…

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Good Business @ Work

Cara Dudzic, Charmington's

Cara Dudzic, one of the founders of Charmingtons, opened the café in 2010 with a mission that went beyond serving great coffee. As she describes, she and her team, “Wanted to build something that would be part of the community, and that would be a good place to work.

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