What’s “Good?”

A Good Job is…

One that meets your basic needs, that allows you to be safe and healthy, and creates an environment where you feel you are valued. Good jobs lead to good careers where you are equipped and supported to fully contribute your unique talents, strengths, and ideas and to develop the skills and experience to advance within a company and an industry.

A Good Employer is…

Someone who understands that good jobs create a strong business. They know that employees who feel invested in, invest back in the business through better customer service, higher productivity, and greater loyalty to serve the interests of the business and grow with it.

The Good Standard

All businesses recognized in Good Business Works are actively working to create quality jobs for local Baltimore residents. Each business meets the following foundational standards:

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  • A workplace culture that demonstrates respect for all employees.
  • Compensation & benefits that provide a livable income.
  • Policies & practices that promote equitable & inclusive workplaces.
  • Healthy & supportive workplaces that foster a sustainable work-life balance
  • Investments in employee engagement & development to build skills and a meaningful career

What sets your business apart?

Every business is unique and so are their approaches to creating a supportive and engaging workplaces. Here are just a few of the ways that businesses like yours are developing job quality practices tailored to their workplace environment to find the best employees, support their growth and retention, and strengthen the success of their company.

A workplace culture that demonstrates respect for all employees

  • Management and supervisory training that equips leaders with communication and conflict resolution strategies to create a supportive, productive, and cohesive workplace
  • Processes that engage employees at all levels to use their expertise in decision-making

Policies and practices that promotes equitable and inclusive workplaces

  • Ongoing training for staff and management at all levels to reduce bias and create more inclusive workplace environments
  • Fair criminal record screening processes that take a case by case approach to consider the whole person
  • Career development, mentorship, and advancement strategies that take into account institutional barriers and support diversity at all levels of management and leadership

Healthy and supportive workplaces that foster a sustainable work-life balance

  • Scheduling that provides the stability to help employees plan ahead and flexibility to navigate personal, family, and community obligations
  • A safety policy that is written and clearly communicated to all employees
  • Wellness programs and community-based services that support employee physical, mental, and emotional health and reduce barriers to maintaining stable employment

Compensation and benefits that provide a liveable income

  • Starting wages and affordable insurance options for all employees above the industry average
  • Structured raises and advancement pathways that incentivize retention and skill development
  • Financial planning and wellness resources to encourage stability and help employees meet their personal goals
  • Opportunities for profit-sharing and wealth building that align employee and business interests

Investments in employee engagement and development to build skills and a meaningful career

  • Opportunities for internal advancement and career development available to all employees
  • Structured on the job training and external professional development that encourages employees to develop new skills that align with their career goals
  • Mentorship and sponsorship to help employees at all levels identify interests, skills, and opportunities to advance within the company and their profession
  • Cooperative ownership to increase leadership development, wealth building, and workplace democracy

Sound like your business?

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