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There’s no ego at Minnick’s. Employees at all levels are entrusted with upholding the company’s core values: caring, integrity, and craftsmanship.

Management at Minnick’s sets high expectations, but takes a collaborative approach to give their employees the tools they need to succeed. Every member of the team is expected to take accountability for meeting their goals, take initiative in problem solving, and help one another provide the best quality services for customers, “We expect everyone on our team to listen to and support one another, we check in to say ‘how are you doing?’ even when things get busy.”

From day one, Minnick’s employees know what is expected from them and the steps they need to take to develop their career. Unlike many contractors who rely on independent contractors and temporary workers, Minnick’s hires on a full-time, year-round crew and helps them to grow with the company. All employees are encouraged to pursue apprenticeship tracks, are required to participate in professional development training every year, and have scheduled salary increases and bonuses for meeting their goals. This dedication to employee investment has been central to Rob Minnick’s path to success. When he took over the company from his father ten years ago, Rob saw it as chance to provide opportunities to others. “It’s about giving people a career- one that supports their families- not just a job.” By focusing on investing in their employees, Minnick’s has “cut the revolving door effect,” and shifted their energy from managing turnover, to developing a committed, skilled crew who bring value back to the company.

This all translates to better services for Minnicks customers. “Customers want a great company doing quality work in their homes—that starts with great people.”